Academic Performance and Grading System

The evaluation of academic performance is based on varying combinations of the following components:

  • a) Assignments, Quizzes, Class participation, etc.
  • b) Project Work and Field Based Assignments
  • c) Mid-term Examination
  • d) Term-end Examination

Relative weight-age of the components for the specific course will be at the discretion of the faculty. The evaluation scheme for every course will be conveyed to the students at the beginning of the course along with the course outline.


Letter Grades Interpretation Grade Points
A Outstanding 4.00
A- Excellent 3.67
B+ Very Good 3.33
B Good 3.00
B- Just above average 2.67
C+ Average 2.33
C Just below average 2.00
C- Satisfactory 1.67
D+ Adequate enough to pass 1.33
D Less than passing quality 1.00
D- Much less than passing quality 0.67
F Credit not earned 0.00

Calculation of TGPA, CGPA and GPA

Two types of Grade Point Averages (GPAs) are computed using grades earned by a student, the Term Grade Point Average (TGPA) and the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). The weighted average of grade points earned in a term is called TGPA, whereas the weighted average of grade points earned in all the previous terms is called CGPA. GPA is the weighted grade point average of grade points in all the eight terms.

To calculate a grade point average,

  • Determine the grade points earned in each course by multiplying course credits by the appropriate grade-point equivalent
  • Add the grade points earned in each course to calculate a term total, and divide this sum by the number of credits taken to determine the term grade-point average.